SRFS is teamed with Trane and this more than just the world's largest manufacturer of highly reliable, efficient commercial air conditioning equipment. Trane with SRFS as local representation is the only single source provider of equipment, controls, installation, training, service, and support. Schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, hotels, office buildings and other types of facilities all over the world depend on Trane for their comfort needs. Trane was incorporated in 1913 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Throughout its history, Trane has been known as an innovator. Trane led the industry in 1925 with the convector radiator, a lightweight, highly efficient replacement for the heavy, bulky, cast-iron radiators that prevailed at the time. In 1931, Trane developed its first air conditioning unit, designed for use in movie theaters, offices, restaurants, shops, department stores and factories. In 1938, Trane introduced a revolutionary new machine called the TurboVac -- the industry's first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine. Trane continues to lead the industry with advances in new technologies and has a complete product line including a full line of highly efficient, state-of-the-art commercial and residential products to meet the heating and cooling needs of any building. One such product, the Trane Earth•WiseTM CenTraVac chiller, is the most energy efficient product on the market and uses an environmentally conscious CFC-free refrigerant.

Trane is the industry expert at integrating equipment and controls to optimize performance of the entire facility system. Trane's Building Automation Systems Division plays a major role in providing Integrated ComfortTM Systems that combine the efficiencies of Trane products with factory-mounted controls and computerized building automation. This ensures building owners with reliable comfort and reduced energy consumption in their facilities. Integrated ComfortTM Systems are state-of-the-art, user friendly and provide the ability to remotely monitor the performance of mechanical equipment. Integrated direct digital controls are now standard on every commercial product Trane sells, making Trane the acknowledged leader in Integrated ComfortTM Systems.

Trane takes great pride in the training it provides to its sales professionals. The Trane Graduate Engineer Training Program, acknowledged as the industry's finest, recruits engineering graduates from prominent colleges and universities and provides an intensive post-graduate training regiment encompassing sales, engineering, air conditioning systems design and implication.

Although a global company, Trane firmly believes in maintaining a strong local presence in the markets it serves. In North America, Trane commercial unitary and applied products are sold through a network of more than 125 sales offices located in major metropolitan centers throughout the United States and Canada, each of which is staffed by a team of the industry's most experienced sales engineering professionals. These offices also provide comprehensive service, training and parts support for customers to ensure a comfortable building environment long after the sale.


Continuing our goal of providing building owners with the most efficient solutions available, Trane initiated the Global Controls and Contracting Business Unit in 1994. This group works with building owners to develop comprehensive solutions to their facility infrastructure and operating concerns. Global Controls and Contracting extends Trane's offering from equipment and air conditioning systems to facility solutions.

For more than 80 years, Trane's hallmark has been an indomitable drive for excellence. We look forward to applying this philosophy in helping you achieve your goals!

Offerings and Services

Trane designs, manufactures, installs and manages heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and controls for nearly half the commercial buildings in the United States, as well as buildings all over the world. We're the industry leader in R&D, as well as manufacturing.

Our projects are large and small, but all have these in common:

    • Reliability
    • Energy efficiency
    • Cost efficiency
    • Technological expertise
    • State-of-the-art equipment
    • Meeting or exceeding environmental standards
    • Meeting the individual business needs of a client, no matter how simple or complex


Whether we work with you as the prime contractor or contributing partner, we can serve you in a wide variety of ways, like evaluating the equipment you have and upgrading it if necessary, or integrating your system with advanced controls.

We can train your facilities department in the intricacies of HVAC equipment, controls, and industry standards and issues.

We can also service and maintain your systems, and provide emergency assistance, parts and supplies to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.


We believe we have the best people, the best equipment and the best service in the industry. Which all comes down to this: Trane has the knowledge and resources to turn building systems into business advantages for you.

High Performance Buildings

No business can function properly without the proper environment. But Trane systems go far beyond that—they can actually boost your productivity and impact your bottom line.

From the first steam vapor heating invention in 1913 to our EarthWise™ CenTraVac™ Chiller, Trane has had a long and rich history of leading edge innovation.

In fact, many of our products were industry firsts, such as the first direct-drive hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine, or the first products to use scroll compressors, or the first integration of HVAC equipment with building controls that manage comfort and energy use.

Today, Trane makes the most efficient, lowest-emission chillers on the market and the only ones to receive the EPA's highest environmental award.

HVAC systems for every need, small or large

Whether its small unitary packaged units or 2,500-ton water chillers; custom air handlers or variable air volume terminals; Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) or emergency, temporary cooling or EarthWise™ systems—Trane has the right equipment for any job in any climate, situation or location in the world. And we have extended warranties for our entire breadth of products.

More importantly, we have the knowledge and people to turn that equipment into a smoothly functioning, energy-efficient HVAC system that can meet or exceed your specifications.

Building Services

No matter what business you're in, proper operation and maintenance of your building systems and the ability to plan for the future can positively impact a company's productivity and bottom line.

To keep your buildings running reliably and efficiently throughout their life cycle, Trane offers a range of services unmatched by any other company, including maintenance and repair, energy services, contingency and emergency planning, and continual technology improvements.

Elite Start™ services to launch your Trane system with confidence

Trane has over 2,000 certified factory-trained service technicians to help install and start up new systems with confidence. Precision processes ensure design performance while continuous commissioning and baseline tracking provide optimal performance at start-up and throughout your factory warranty period.

Keeping your buildings operating at peak performance and efficiency

There's no substitute for a well designed maintenance program. Trane Service technicians can support your own facilities department or operate as a fully outsourced partner providing recommended services factory developed to maintain design performance.

Our Buildings Services teams are factory trained to service Trane systems and non-Trane equipment. Aside from scheduled maintenance services, Trane offers services that focus on maximizing the life of you equipment and helping to define repair and capital expenses. Whatever your service or equipment problem, Trane has a unique solution that can turn your building system into a business advantage.

Temporary solutions

Trane has become an industry leader in the temporary and emergency cooling system services. Trane can accommodate systems that require as little as one ton of cooling up to 4,000 tons or more, available at 140 sales and service outlets nationwide.

Upgrade or renew system performance

Building owners and companies in all markets face new challenges and embrace a world full of change – be it innovation, reorganization, compliance or reprioritization. Within this environment, Trane recognizes that buildings experience life-cycle changes through continued operations and occasional repurpose. So, it's no wonder that Trane has plans that focus on maximizing the life of equipment and optimizing systems operations. Trane offers exclusive engineered solutions such Trane Engineered Conversion™ retrofits and "R'newal" services and "ChillerSource" temporary or emergency cooling when these options are all that are needed to deliver a performance solution, making sure that in the end, your building works better.


When you contract with Trane to build an HVAC system, provide ongoing service or modernize any aspect of your building, you get a lot more than systems or service. You get a positive business advantage.

Every relationship between Trane and a customer is unique, with its own set of problems, challenges and expectations. Trane solutions are noted for their flexibility—the ability to meet individual business needs and be scalable to meet future needs. Among the contracting arrangements we make are three that have been particularly useful for our customers.

HVAC Outsourcing Solution

If you want maximum involvement from your business partners, Trane's HVAC Outsourcing Solution is ideal. This is an all-inclusive agreement where Trane takes over every aspect of a job. We plan, build, install and finance building systems and controls to your specifications, and operate and maintain the systems for the life of the building.

Turnkey Solution

Our turnkey contracts are invaluable for customers who need a simple, single-source solution to their building needs. We manufacture, manage, service and test building systems and perform upgrades of older equipment where necessary, from concept to commissioning. A maintenance and repair agreement is usually but not necessarily a part of Trane's turnkey agreements.

PACT™ Solution

An ingenious contract that is becoming more and more popular in a cost-conscious economy is known as PACT—Performance Agreement for Comfort from Trane. Essentially, this is a way of using the money saved on energy when you modernize your equipment infrastructure to help pay for the new system. Since Trane's systems, controls and the integration of various building functions usually result in considerable savings, this can have an enormous impact on a customer's ability to finance a project. As part of a PACT agreement, Trane guarantees energy reduction that provides savings to cover specific costs, such as financing or maintenance.

But any contract is only worthwhile if it gives a distinct business advantage to a customer, whether in comfort, environmental concerns, finances, mechanical efficiency or even worker productivity. If there's a guiding principle behind Trane's relationships with customers, it's this: partnering with Trane makes business sense.


Integrating HVAC systems is critical to the operation of any building these days. And this is where Trane controls come in. Given the ease of use, versatility, capabilities and interoperability of Trane systems, it's no surprise that we are one of the leading suppliers of controls.

Trane is a leading building controls provider

Given our firm commitment to new technology in practical day-to-day applications, it's no surprise that Trane has become a leading supplier of controls.

While our controls are not limited to HVAC equipment, they are engineered to reflect our deep understanding of HVAC requirements and how to optimize building systems for energy efficiency, comfort and productivity.

Controls for large buildings or campuses

Tracer Summit™ controls can manage all the critical functions of a facility—from heating, cooling and ventilation to lighting and other building systems. A building manager can monitor, troubleshoot and change operating settings on a touch screen at the control panels, on a PC workstation at the office, remotely over the Internet, and can even access certain functions by phone.*

Controls for small or mid-sized buildings

Our Tracker™ control systems for small to mid-sized commercial buildings deliver Integrated Comfort™ systems that work with rooftop units, plus a variety of unitary, water source heat pump and small applied comfort systems. For quick, easy programming and commissioning, they auto-configure on initial power-up. They feature LCD touch screens and pager notification of alarms for quick response.

We also have a full line of input/output controllers, both multiple-purpose and application specific, and sensors that measure temperature, humidity, pressure and carbon dioxide.

Open systems are critical

One of the remarkable facts about Trane controls is their ability to work equally well with Trane and non-Trane equipment. Trane has been committed to open systems since its first BACnetTM product in 1993, which let us share data with other control systems to provide systems integration solutions. Trane systems also feature LonTalk®, which enables open communication with unit controllers.