Power Generation

A Richardson Inlet Air Filtration Systems Boost Gas Turbine Output Effectively, Efficiently & Economically.

Power Generation In both developing countries and mature economies around the world, electricity is the fastest growing form of energy consumption. This presents a challenge to power generation operators to effectively, yet efficiently, increase output to meet a growing need. That's why operators turn to Richardson Filters more than anyone else. As the unrivaled global leader in gas turbine power augmentation using inlet air filtration - a technology that Richardson pioneered - many large electric power utilities and independent power producers have adopted Richardson systems for their entire gas turbine fleet including both old and new gas turbines.

A Richardson system is an unbeatable way to improve the output of existing power generation plants. In new plants, you can reduce the cost per kilowatt by 10% or more simply by adding a Richardson System to the project.

The SRFS packaged-engineering method results in:

    A typical lead time of only 12 weeks for delivery and installation
    Installation on existing turbines with as little as 24 hours of downtime

Want proof?

We'll gladly supply a detailed power recovery report for your existing gas turbines including:

Our projects are large and small, but all have these in common:

    Installed SRFS Richardson System Cost
    Guaranteed Power Gain
    Predicted MW-hr Gain Per Year
    Fuel Savings
    Payback Analysis

Richardson System Benefits:

    Filtration Increases Output by 20% or More
    Reduced NOx Emissions
    Improved Fuel Economy
    Reduced CO2 per kW of Power
    Robust Equipment & Proven Technology
    Guaranteed results!